Oil: a source of employment in the Middle East

Oil: a source of employment in the Middle East

Oil brings its share of happiness to the Middle East. It brings not only wealth but also work and investment. It has become the land of milk and honey to foreigners looking for a new way to improve their lifestyle. It is starting to be the prominent destination of job seekers if it is not already done. But by the way, what kind of work do foreigners expect to do there? What are the best points of these so-called oil countries? What about their economy?

What kind of work do we hope to achieve with oil ?

The petroleum sector includes several trades based mainly on exploration and exploitation. There are not enough qualified professionals. Employers can not fill the emptiness and struggle to find the ideal candidate to occupy the technical position.

To answer the question , many oil companies are suggesting new forms of recruitment. They emphasize the importance of training to enrich knowledge in hydraulics, energy and other fields.

At the beginning, the oil industry is formed this way. But whatever it be, this kind of job requires great know-how and strong involvement. This is applied even for other positions with a close connection to oil such as geology or mechanics.

What are the advantages of these so-called oil countries ?

The oil countries have the advantage of having a young and active population within it. They act as the best succession for the development of the country. They have energy to spare. Located not far from the Middle East, the Middle East is a victim of its emergence with the massive entry of employees from various horizons.

Africa, South-East Asia, South Asia and South-East India. They are mostly dynamic workers with high potential. In spite of their professional course promoter, trades not corresponding to their profile are suggested to them including the nursery for the ladies.

The Middle East benefits from this situation. Thanks to their booming economy, the Middle East countries are forced to bring in other job candidates according to an oil expert, Tarek Bouchamaoui. They are badly needed for the expansion of their country.

How is the economy of the Middle East developing?

The economy of the Middle East, more precisely that of Dubai achieves a striking explosion. As both a hydrocarbon producer and exporter, its is still jealously keeping its first place on the planet. Up to now, oil remains their main financial resource.

Being very cautious, most countries in the Middle East are already planning a way out to face the possible future of oil. Sooner or later, their basement may no longer produce the amount of products sought. To protect themselves from this possibility, the Middle East has found a better way to diversify their activities.

They turn to tourism. The course of the tourist history is taking a new turn. The incessant desire for grandeur is materialized through these giant skyscrapers. The whole world is seduced . Even investors fall under its spell. They want to install permanently, says a luxury real estate expert, Tarek Bouchamaoui.